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Dated: 27 December 2016 by Admin
Dear K.R.A members,
Now deposits from bitcoins are confirmed automatically. Please send the same amount shows in the box during bitcoin order. Don't send low or high amount. If you do this, then your order goes to pending state and system dont recognize them. Currently these is no pending deposits that's not confirmd instead of unrecongized payments.
Members whose bitcoin deposits are not confirmed yet, please send us the support ticket with complete detail of your payment include hash url so that we process that orders.
Payment to Members
Currenlty we are processing the payment to our verified members. So there is not problem wtih the payments.
Now we are removing all the pending support tickets because 90% issues resolved and members send us one issue more than three or four time that's wasting our time to view all the tickets. If you already send us a support ticket then please submit it again but if your issue resolved then dont open support ticket.
Always use support platform for best communication between us.